You know you're a Pisces when...


  • Emotional discord and conflict drains you
  • Your creative urges need somewhere to go, even if it’s just taking extra care when preparing food or shopping for something
  • You have an uncanny intuition and friends call you “psychic”
  • You can bullshit your way through a conversation about something you know nothing about
  • Then you mentally note to learn about said subject you just bullshitted, but don’t follow through
  • You love to be at home all curled up with blankets and a movie just as much as being out among like-minded people
  • You daydream easily
  • Your imagination sometimes is better than your real-life
  • You can be depressed without real cause or reason
  • You hate to be the bearer of bad news, only looking to make others happy and excited, rather than delivering the “cold-hard truth”
  • It’s easy for you to fall for artists, musicians, and authors as well as fictional characters because they represent a world that you wish existed

Kristie <3